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Reasons To Buy A Used Car Instead Of New In Atlanta, GA

Purchasing a used car is a great option and brings about numerous benefits. Buying a car is an expensive investment and will affect your savings. Over the past few decades, the used car market has greatly evolved to include cars of greater variety and cars which have been properly serviced and inspected to ensure that they are free of any problems. If you are still unsure of whether to purchase a used car, here are some reasons why buying a used car is better than a new one.

Upfront Price Savings

Cars that are brand new depreciate quickly. Owners who wish to sell their cars will thus never be able to sell their used cars at the price of their purchase. The moment you begin driving off the car from the car dealership, it already begins to depreciate and could depreciate as much as 10% of its value in the first month.

As the car is used for a longer period, the rate of depreciation slows down over time. By purchasing a used car, you enjoy greater upfront price savings and pay a much lower price as the first owner has already absorbed the large cost of the initial depreciation.

Value for Money

Buying a used car offers greater value for money as you can purchase a better-used car model for the price which you would be willing to pay for a new car. You can also afford more luxury models in the used car markets.

You can also purchase various models of cars in the used car market which may not be readily available or in stock in the open market. Having more options means that you can make greater comparisons regarding which car to purchase, thus getting the most value for your purchase.

Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance for a used vehicle is cheaper than car insurance for a new vehicle. This is because insurance companies always consider the value of the car when computing the insurance rates. Used cars are also cheaper to replace than new cars.

Certified Pre-Owned

If you are worried about any potential problems or faults in the used vehicle, then purchasing a certified pre-owned (CPO) car is the best option for you. Not only are you able to save money by buying a used CPO car, but you also enjoy greater peace of mind regarding the reliability of the car.

While CPO cars tend to vary for different manufacturers, they have been fully inspected and tested to meet the established standards of the manufacturer, along with strict requirements on age limits and mileage, and carry some form of guarantee against defects. This guarantee is similar to the warranty provided for a new car. CPO cars offer excellent value as they have been perfectly reconditioned, are gently used, and are deemed to be mechanically sound.

Test Own

Unlike new cars, you can test own a used car for a few days, weeks, or months after purchase. The duration depends on the dealership. This test ownership is growing in popularity as sometimes, the major defects of the car are only uncovered after driving for a few days or weeks. Test owning also means that you can purchase the car with the guarantee that you can return it and obtain a full refund within the test ownership duration if you are unsatisfied or change your mind.

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