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Things To Check Before Signing A Car Finance Agreement

After finding and choosing the right car for you, it’s time to sign your car finance agreement. While the amount of paperwork floating around can be quite overwhelming, there are certain things to check before signing the dotted lines. You have to be sure of the responsibility that you are about to take after signing the agreement. Here are a few things to confirm prior to signing the car finance contract.

What  Is the Annual Mileage?

As part of the car finance contract, you have to state the annual mileage of the car whether you are leasing a brand new or used car. Therefore, it is important to check and confirm the correct annual mileage before signing an agreement. Wear and tear is one of the leading causes of car depreciation, which is why you also need to confirm you are not over- or underestimating the mileage in the contract. Overestimating your mileage will make you pay monthly dues while underestimating the annual mileage will get you to pay for mileage excess at the end of the contract.

Car Condition Agreement

The agreement usually states the condition of the car should be in at the time of return. Therefore, you need to confirm if the vehicle is in a good condition before getting it. The leaser always inspects the vehicle at the end of the contract using a fair wear and tear guideline by the state. To ensure that the car you are about to sign an agreement on meets the state wear and tear policy, you should also check using the same wear and tear guidelines.

Payment Schedule

Before agreeing to the contract, ensure that the down payment and monthly payment is the amount you agreed. Since there is a fixed date to pay the monthly payment each month, ensure that you check and make adjustments according to your salary date. This can help you in paying the monthly charges timely without struggles.

Service Requirements

You may find that your car finance contract requires you to service the car at a specific car dealership along with other car maintenance requirements. If the agreement seems farfetched, unclear, or not what you expect, ask questions from the lender. Know the exact maintenance and service requirements your lender wants before signing the agreement.

Damage Charges

Although most lenders will overlook minimal wear and tear if it falls under the fair wear and tear policy, what is considered “minimal” varies. Before signing the agreement, ensure that you are clear when it comes to damage; what can be overlooked, the damages you will get charged for, and the charges attached to the damages.

Late payment policy

While every lesser understands that pate payment may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, there are still penalties you have to pay for missing your repayments. Therefore, you should find out about this before making a decision.

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