our mission

Our mission

CARFAST AI is on a mission to revolutionize how today’s unbanked auto consumer gets financed. The world of auto financing is filled with inequities, many of which are simply unfair to the everyday consumer. CARFAST AI believes that everyone who needs a vehicle should be able to have access to one, regardless of lifestyle and budget.

It’s with that mentality that we developed CARFAST AI.

Our goal is to fill the void and underserved market. We believe that everyone deserves the same modern car purchasing experience no matter what kind of car they’re buying.

With every interaction, we aim to deliver customers with a better car buying experience. Our process saves potential car owners time in selecting their vehicle of choice. We have an extensive online inventory that is tailored to each consumer’s specific buying power.

On the financing side, we streamline the pre-approval process to make buying a car fast and easy. We connect future car owners with independent car dealers so walking into a car dealership and getting approved is a piece of cake.

Work with CARFAST AI and you’ll get:
-A dedicated online platform for the unbanked consumer
-A simplified way to finance

our mission