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Why It’s Better To Buy A Car From An Independent Auto Dealer

You more or less already know which car you are going to purchase. However, there are different ways to go about purchasing your dream car. The two most common ways are an independent and franchise auto dealer. Franchise dealerships sell cars for a specific manufacturer. This is similar to going to an iPhone shop to purchase an iPhone.

However, independent auto dealers sell cars from any automobile manufacturer by engaging in contracts with the automobile manufacturer. They are also more likely to sell used cars. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a car from an independent auto dealer.

Greater Financial Flexibility

Independent auto dealers are known for being more flexible in their financing than their franchise counterparts. They can use outside sources of credit in addition to their in-house credit option. Moreover, you can also research the lowest interest rates for car financing and give them the option to match that rate through one of their lenders.

Having greater financial flexibility, most independent auto dealers will usually allow you to choose your desired financing option. Purchasing a car from them is also better for people who have a less than ideal or bad credit score.

Unlike franchise auto dealers which usually have strict criteria for financing and car loans, the greater financial flexibility of independent auto dealers means that they accept a greater pool of customers with greater financing options that are inclusive of people with less-than-ideal credit scores and ratings.

While you may have to pay a higher interest rate for your car loan if you have a bad credit score, you can generally expect your financing process to be much smoother and customized at an independent auto dealer than at a franchise auto dealer.


Independent auto dealers tend to have a wider inventory of used cars and different car models and brands compared to franchise auto dealers. They purchase from various sources such as auctions, private sellers, dealers, and motor companies. This means that if you are looking at purchasing an older model car, an independent auto dealer is your best bet as it will probably be more affordable.

Take into account the discounts, incentives, and loyalty perks that independent auto dealers provide unlike most franchise dealerships, and you are more likely to purchase a more affordable car and get more bang for your buck compared to a franchise auto dealer regardless of your financial situation.

Customer Service and Warranty

Because independent auto dealers do not have to meet any quotas or abide by any strict manufacturer requirements, they tend to provide better customer service than their franchise counterparts. They will do what it takes to ensure that each customer has the best possible experience and deal.

They also have the flexibility to treat each customer differently and tailor their services according to each customer’s preferences. This also results in better negotiation and bargaining power for the consumer. Independent auto dealers also provide better warranties than franchise auto dealers when it comes to used cars.

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