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Unfortunately, the world of auto financing is filled with inequities, many of which are simply unfair to the everyday consumer. CARFAST AI is revolutionizing the car buying experience while allowing our partner dealers access to a pool of pre-qualified customers. With a combined 35 years of consumer financing experience, and early investment in pure digital dealerships, we understand the financial constraint that auto consumers face. Our goal is to fill the void of a grossly underserved market with the notion that everyone who needs a vehicle should be able to gain ownership. It is with that mentality that CARFAST AI was developed.

Today, many consumers walk onto dealerships believing they can purchase their car of choice only to find out they may not meet the required financing threshold. Additionally, today’s car buying experience relegates consumers to the limitations of a physical dealership. Despite spending time and money driving around to a variety of dealerships, this process leads to a very frustrated consumer. Also, there is no guarantee for auto financing from any of the dealerships that an auto buyer visits. What if there was another way? CARFAST AI is founded on the principle that each potential auto buyer should receive a pre-approved loan amount regardless of financial strength and purchasing power. Our business model empowers the consumer to take control of their own buying experience and understand what their financing power could be through our simple pre-approval process. Once pre-approved the buyer can then begin searching for vehicles that meet their specific requirements without the hassle of driving around.

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Need help? We've got you covered. Speak directly with our dedicated team of experienced car experts available by phone between 9 am - 5 pm EST Monday - Saturday. For questions regarding how our loan process is tailored to fit each individual’s needs, car repairs, vehicle fulfillment, and much more please visit our FAQs section for additional answers to commonly asked questions.

After-hours customer service? We realize not everyone has the opportunity to call us during regular business hours and days can get quite hectic. Not to worry we understand and would still appreciate hearing from you by sending us an email at [email protected] located on our contact page.

Affiliate Partner Dealer Network

CARFAST AI provides today’s consumers with a network of independent dealers unbound by geographic limitations, therefore, aggregating inventory for potential customers. Our Affiliate Dealer Partner Network enables each of our independent auto dealers the ability to communicate their respective inventory with each other to guarantee our pre-approved buyers are matched with their vehicle of choice onsite. In other words, more dealers mean more inventory, which facilitates more choice. Inventory selection is based on a buyer’s financial threshold; however, by searching for your car based on a specific down payment amount you are guaranteed to be searching for your dream car that is always within your budget.

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